Making video identification a piece of compliance art

Get your clients' identities confirmed within just a few easy steps. Turn the video identification into a joyful adventure for your clients and turn your applicants into loyal customers with IDTT!
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Identity underwrites complete compliance with your regulations
Digitize your due diligence processes smartly and penalty-free integrating advanced video identification solutions powered by Identity. Have all your applicants successfully enrolled with a simple and quick-to-pass video verification procedure customized to your business needs and compliant with your legislation.
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Your operators work on the Identity platform.
Identity has created a robust and user-friendly platform for the smooth video identification of customers. Your operators will get complete access to the platform, all its features as well as expert tips and interview practices, and data that is securely stored on the platform. IDTT will provide you with reliable guides on the best video interviews and a huge number of various KYC checks.
You delegate the video identification to the Identity experts.
The interviewers at IDTT are always there to onboard your customers while meeting the jurisdiction requirements and detecting fraudulent patterns. We are multilingual and serve users from around the globe 24/7.
Essential elements of video identification from IDTT
Interviewing platform
IDTT has everything set up for compliant, simple, intuitively structured video identification.
Biometrical examination
Seamless capturing of facial features at the interview and automatic reviewing for possible fraud signals.
Lined up processes and duly reports
We provide you with everything needed for flawless applicant interviewing: policies, reports, scripts, and operators.
Video identification in several steps
Pre-interview user screening
When an applicant requests for passing video identification, there appears a dashboard with a customized questionnaire or standard questions about the user’s name and date of birth and request for a short video to make.
User information screening
The operator checks the user’s answers and watches the user’s video.
Estimating results
When the user’s provided info and video are checked and approved, they automatically receive access to the system.
Saving the data
All the info about applicants collected during the interviews is stored for 5 years and is always accessible for the service providers.