Effective Payment Fraud Prevention from Identity

Identity provides frictionless compliance solutions to help businesses prevent payment frauds
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Prevent Fraud Transactions and Improve Your Pass Rates
Standing against illegal or fraudulent transactions is a serious challenge for businesses running online. If you seek ways to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your users, you need to accurately strategize your risk-minimizing program. Identity helps companies detect payment frauds before they are initiated and avoid tremendous money losses.
Stay on the Safe Side of the Fraud Control
IDTT aims to help businesses improve their conversion rates without sacrificing their reputation, time, and effort. Fraudsters have become quite sophisticated in their scam methods. Fighting cyber-thieves attacks has become a common thing for online businesses. Identity introduces state-of-art technology solutions to safeguard customers sensitive information and mitigate the risks of payment fraud:
Risk-scored authentication icon_plus
With the help of machine learning, we enable companies to build risk profiles to automatically detect fraud attempts;
Customizing risk rules icon_plus
Depending on your business requirements, you can optimize the pre-built risk score protocols;
Applying multi-layered customer authentication icon_plus
Conducting regular thorough analyses helps to faster identify high-risk transactions;
Constant software updates icon_plus
System renovations and updates help to prevent hackers from penetrating the security systems;
Secure data storage icon_plus
To ensure one-click and recurrent transactions, Identity provides securely encrypted customers’ profiles
Managing disputes in style. icon_plus
We supply entrepreneurs with in-depth comprehensive guides on sorting out the disputes effectively and tracking the progress in real-time;
Rock-solid customer authentication icon_plus
Applying a serious IDTT approach to the customers' identification will help you collect exhaustive data for unlocking higher approvals and detect fraudsters faster and easier.
Eliminate Payment Fraud with IDTT
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