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First KYC and authentication services powered by NFT blockchain technology.

incubated by BlueZilla

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About the Project

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    Why create Identity?

    In the current KYC landscape, users need to go through numerous KYC attempts every time they want to use a product. The process is needlessly painfull. This is where Identity differes.

    With Identity, platforms and products don't need to go through laborious KYC attempts. Instead, they can off-shift costs to users , and attain effortless KYC integration processes within minutes.

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    Mint your Identity

    KYC with Identity and mint your digital ID. This can then be used to KYC and login to any partners/products with ease.

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    Business experience

    We are a team with over 5 yers experience in compliance. We have already implemented online compliance service, and we know all the pains of client verification in various business sectors, in particular crypto. We have 100.000+ studied cases, 30 compliance officers, and we have found a solution for fast verification

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