Liveness solutions

Fluent Liveness Solutions from Identity

Identity helps entrepreneurs to verify the users faster and safer with advanced liveness solutions
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Faster User Onboarding with Liveness Solutions Powered by Identity
Verify your users with the speed of the Sun using cutting-edge solutions from Identity. Offer your clients to pass a couple of simple biometrics tasks, using a completely secure platform.
Increase Your Conversion Rates and the Number of Your Online Users
The Identity team deals only with advanced and robust technologies to ensure a smooth and accurate liveness check. Our scanner works well on all devices and has an easy intuitive user-oriented interface.
Store the collected information in a safe place and fall back on it when needed.
Detect fraudulent patterns in several seconds and improve face recognition with every new applicant. IDTT will easily help you to identify paper masks, lifelike dolls, deepfakes, videos with high resolutions, etc.
Liveness Solution from Identity Is a Complex Technology Easily Integrated with Different SDKs
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