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Identity helps entrepreneurs to know their business partners and build strong winning relationships
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Know Your Business for Your Company Growth and Prosperity
Mitigate the risks of money laundering and build reliable winning relationships with your business partners by integrating comprehensive KYB solutions powered by Identity. Verify corporate identities across various industries and pick up trustworthy organizations for partnerships.
IDTT Introduces Smart Approach to Secure Business Search
Business identification
Identity enables rapid and accurate verification of the business identification and confirmation of their authenticity
Business filings
Check the business filings of your partners to have a complex, in-depth understanding of their entrepreneurship operating
Business networks
The business partners you consider cooperating with may be included in other networks. Identity will help to check their relationships with other organizations and the credibility of those organizations
Business statements
Define the business statements of your business partners to find out the areas of common interests. Identity will help to determine the companies that share your business vision and adhere to the same compliance regulations.
Serving Businesses Globally with a Single API Integration
Identity provides exhaustive KYB compliance solutions to companies from around the world
Identity has access to literally all official data registers worldwide and constantly track their updates
Identity enables ongoing, real-time businesses checks and verification
Identity offers a user-friendly platform for solving all your KYB compliance challenges, without losing clients onboarding
The Complete Suite of KYB Checks
IDTT will make your compliance processes shine and your conversion rates grow. We employ all-encompassing KYB checks and verify all aspects about your partners from jurisdiction number and date of incorporation to the business filings and branch status.
Integrate IDTT API and Shield Your Business from Fraudulent Entities
We underwrite ultimate protection from any fraudulent activity in your corporate system, employing easily customized exquisite KYB solutions. Identity offers powerful and cost-effective global coverage that saves your business lots of time and money, mitigates risks of scams, and helps to avoid penalties.
Bring the Innovative Approach of Identity to KYB Verification and Regulatory Compliance
Identity is a pioneer in delivering merciless fraudsters’ detectors alongside assuring pixel-perfect data scanning and split-second onboarding of verified customers
Identity doesn’t set geographical borders for businesses and our API is easily integrated into any commercial system to guarantee complete global and local regulations compliance
Identity will provide you with access to the data securely stored in Global Commercial Registers
Identity delivers high-quality KYB solutions to companies from various industries: Banking, Insurance, FinTech, Online businesses, Brokerage agencies, Legal sector
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Your Seamless KYB is One Click Apart
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