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Identity provides advanced compliance solutions for verifying the age of customers
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Secure age verification of your application users
Identity verifies the age of users to guarantee you are compliant with all minimum age regulatory requirements. We underwrite instant checks of the users’ age to strengthen the age verification processes of your system. Creating a platform that contains adult content, services or products requires applying a serious approach to keeping it out of reach of the under-age users. IDTT offers a complex suite of identity verification solutions. We actively help companies that have age requirements to secure minors from inappropriate content.
Key features IDTT age verification solutions
Age verification
Identity experts develop solid software that accurately scans the user’s ID and extracts the info on the date of birth to ensure it matches the age requirements of your website or application.
Liveness check
We ensure that your users are real people employing exceptional liveness detecting solutions. Your system will be protected from scammers as well as under-aged users won’t be able to reach the inappropriate content.
Regulations compliance
Stay on the safe side of your compliance keeping up to date with constantly updated FDA age regulations, global and local restrictions, and merchant account policies. You can customize the IDTT age verification processes according to your business needs.
Offline and online age verification
Verify your customers effectively integrate only one API online and in-store.
Fraud determent
Identity quickly and diligently scans users’ IDs and determines the validity of the documents and carefully checks all the watermarks, special signs and others. We also ensure that a credible ID of an adult user wasn’t used by the minor.
Instant authentication
Do not make your customers spend more time getting access to your system. Identity ensures that once a user is verified all the further actions taken from the particular account are made by the original account owner.
Supporting your brand reputation
By complying with FDA, KYC, AML and other jurisdiction regulations, you protect your business. Providing a serious approach to age verification confirms the credibility of stakeholders in offering products and services to users of a required age.
Streamline delivery
The products for adults need to be safely delivered to your clients, and Identity can help your drivers with fast and effective age verification.
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